Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shopping Session 1


Haven't done a blog update for a little while. The steak knives are still sitting there in the box gathering a bit of dust; however, it's not the only thing gathering dust. I have since purchased some additional shit for the kitchen, including:

* 6 Piece Cookware Set
* Cooking Utensils
* 20 Piece Rotating Spice-Rack

Now, I could post pictures of the above mentioned stuff, but let's face it, no one gives a shit about a spice-rack or a saucepan.

So let's move on to something far more interesting, my new pool cue! I should probably change the title of the blog to "Big Red's Cue and Balls", no doubt that'll have the ladies interested. (by the way, still single).

It's a 57" Maple 2-Piece cue, check this bad boy out:
[Pictures Coming - Camera charging up]

In additional the purchases, I've been window-shopping for the other rooms, here are some ideas:

Front of the House:
Hawthorn Hawks Door Mat

Hawthorn Hawks Flag (down when we lose, half-mast for a draw, up when we win!)

Hawthorn Hawks "Little Red" Security Guard

Hawthorn Hawks House Key

Outside Bar:
Carlton Draught Bar-Runner

Victoria Bitter Bar-Runner

Selection of Stubby Holders

Family Room:

TV Cabinet

Living Room / Pool Room:

Astra Billiards "Royal" 9 Foot Pool Table w/Green Competition Cloth (pic has blue cloth):

Cue Rack:
Master Bedroom
The Godfather "Horsehead" Pillow

Scarface Blanket (Queen-Size)

Scarface Bed-Side "Machine Gun" Lamp:

Scarface Bed-Side "The World Is Yours" Lamp:
Hallway Artwork:

That pretty much covers the blog entry for this month! Any feedback on any of the purchases, or "window-shopping" purchases are welcome! Just don't be surprised if you wake up with a horse-head next to you if dislike any of them :-)


Big Red

Saturday, April 4, 2009

That's not a knife, this is a knife

Well, it's been a great day, I decided it was time to make a purchase for the Kitchen area of the house, and what better way to start, then a set of steak knives.

I picked up an 8 piece steak set (4 jumbo steak knives, 4 long-handled forks) for $50.00 at King of Knives. Brand of the set is Tramontina. We own a few Tramontina knives at our family house, and have been used everyday for the last 20 years and they still cut through a steak like it's butter (the original knife can be seen in the first picture, under the new one).

Below are a few pictures:

They are made from Natural Polywood.
Tell me what you think of the knives, if you don't like them, then yes, I will kill you with them.


Big Red!