Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shopping Session 1


Haven't done a blog update for a little while. The steak knives are still sitting there in the box gathering a bit of dust; however, it's not the only thing gathering dust. I have since purchased some additional shit for the kitchen, including:

* 6 Piece Cookware Set
* Cooking Utensils
* 20 Piece Rotating Spice-Rack

Now, I could post pictures of the above mentioned stuff, but let's face it, no one gives a shit about a spice-rack or a saucepan.

So let's move on to something far more interesting, my new pool cue! I should probably change the title of the blog to "Big Red's Cue and Balls", no doubt that'll have the ladies interested. (by the way, still single).

It's a 57" Maple 2-Piece cue, check this bad boy out:
[Pictures Coming - Camera charging up]

In additional the purchases, I've been window-shopping for the other rooms, here are some ideas:

Front of the House:
Hawthorn Hawks Door Mat

Hawthorn Hawks Flag (down when we lose, half-mast for a draw, up when we win!)

Hawthorn Hawks "Little Red" Security Guard

Hawthorn Hawks House Key

Outside Bar:
Carlton Draught Bar-Runner

Victoria Bitter Bar-Runner

Selection of Stubby Holders

Family Room:

TV Cabinet

Living Room / Pool Room:

Astra Billiards "Royal" 9 Foot Pool Table w/Green Competition Cloth (pic has blue cloth):

Cue Rack:
Master Bedroom
The Godfather "Horsehead" Pillow

Scarface Blanket (Queen-Size)

Scarface Bed-Side "Machine Gun" Lamp:

Scarface Bed-Side "The World Is Yours" Lamp:
Hallway Artwork:

That pretty much covers the blog entry for this month! Any feedback on any of the purchases, or "window-shopping" purchases are welcome! Just don't be surprised if you wake up with a horse-head next to you if dislike any of them :-)


Big Red


  1. I think you know what I'll say so there is no point saying it lol

    And yes believe it or not I do wanna see this spice rack lol

    And James NO you can not have any of the stuff Mike is getting hahahaha

  2. Loving your work chief. Overall fantastic selections especially the godfather work!

    The entertainment unit is definantly the key! Only problem is it looks like it will have to go in your garage rofl. U got room for the beast.

    The horse head pillow is definantly what big red uses to keep his women comming back rofl!

  3. And georgie mine will be CCR and Eagles posters everywhere. Dont Like it, well no key for you!

  4. Big Jimmy,
    The entertainment unit is 3600mm wide, the room is 3590mm wide. Yup, it's the fucking "Will it fit?" shit all over again. I solved the Pool Table issue with determination, I'll solve this problem somehow!

    CCR and Eagles posters are a good choice mate, I'm trying to avoid music posters in my house because what I listen to changes every few months.

    Lil Georgie,
    Ok, when the camera fires up, I'll take some snaps of the Spice Rack for ya.


    Big Red.

  5. Georgie:
    Don't ask who CCR is infront of James, that's an insult to him.

    Creedence Clearwater Revival!

  6. Oh... how good is The Godfather horsehead?? Where did you get it? In an actual shop or on-line?

    This is the best building blog ever! lol

  7. Jo: You're a champion, I'm glad someone sees my blog as the interesting one out of the bunch! ;-)

    The Godfather Horsehead is awesome, indeed. I haven't got it yet myself, still tryna find a place that sells them. If you google "The Godfather Horsehead" there's a few websites that have them, but can't find much in the way of purchasing one.

    If it comes down to it, I''ll just get my nan to make it.


    Big Red

  8. Here's a place to buy it:

  9. Hahaha Mike I can't believe anyone else would waste their time reading your blog!!! Maybe now you should take this whole building process seriously haha

  10. Bigred, why are you following your own blog??? hahahaha

  11. No no, no.

    The reason 'The People' love this blog so much is because I don't take it seriously. That's what sets me apart from the rest of them.

    If you look at the majority of blogs, most of them are talking about colour selections, what tiles, what appliances..but it's not really that interesting. It's more interesting to see the novelty items that people are putting in their house, why? Because people can relate to that stuff.

    It's all about talking to the audience Georgie, that's where I strive.

    P.S: I'm full of shit.


    Big Red

  12. Jo:

    Heh, funny you should ask that. My good mate Jimmy (jamesb) and his better half (georgie) have their own blog as well. Now, I saw he had more Followers, so I had to make the numbers up to get ahead.



    Big Red

  13. OMG. Your interior decorating skills are kick-arse! Love the horse head pillow! I'm sure Better Homes & Gardens Magazine will want to do a photo-shoot when you've finished. Or maybe Ralph Magazine :-)

  14. Paul:

    Too bloody right mate, Michelle from HomeOne has nothing on Big Red. I like the idea of Ralph Magazine getting involved, not too sure on that Better Homes & Gardens crap though.


    Big Red

  15. BigRed I love your blog, it makes my month, almost as much as ORSM makes my Friday.

    BTW love your idea of using leftover bricks to build a wall for the kids to hide behind playing cops and robbers :)

    Keep it up.

  16. I do what I can for the kids, they're our future. I'm glad you like the blog though!


    Big Red