Monday, February 2, 2009

Land, Money, Noodles and Birth!

Well, it's been a very busy month with all the things going on at the moment.

I have since paid the remainder of my land deposit, so now I no longer have a deposit for the broker (uh-oh!), time to eat 2 minute noodles, drink ALDI bourbon, and use all my silver coins for any purchases!

For those who are following my blog (*cough* lets be honest, no one is), one of my best mates has recently purchases a block of land in the same estate as myself, infact, the same damn freaking Stage of the estate! :-) That's right, me good mate jimmy has purchased a block about 163M away from mine. Not to worry, I'm still about 10 metres closer to the nearest pub - increasing the value of mine 10 fold.

I actually bothered to have a read of some of the estate regulations, and noticed that two months after stepping through the front door, the front landscaping needs to be complete. Jebus! Looks like some bribary through a slab of the best mans friend, Victoria Bitter will need to come into play here.

I was meant to attend Burbank's colour studio today to have a look around; however, work got into the way and I was unable to make it, luckily the lady over there understood and we've rescheduled it. It's quite surprising, all the bad stories you hear about the builders with people yacking about bad customer service, but I've had nothing of such. Everyone has been extremely polite, easy to communicate with, and even when you get voice mail, they call back within 5 minutes apologizing as if I'm Don Corleone. Let's just hope the build process of the house is smooth and easy with minor to no issues.

Some great personal life news too, I'm an uncle! Well technically I'm not an uncle, but close enough. My cousin and his parter welcomed a young one into the world today at around 3-4AM.

Yup, that'll do the blog post for this month I think.

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  1. lol mikey our house will be worth 100 times more than yours because i will be living there hahaha

    please stop repesting that we are only 163m from u lol its starting to worry me hahaha

    and congrats on becoming a kinda uncle lol i thought u were say nikki was preggas!

    hope it is all going well!!

  2. Chief,

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only one cutting down on the coin. I’m eating 2min Macaroni meals for lunch and saving $9 by drinking Draught lol.

    I was thinking the other day if you would actually go to your colour appointment or if you would just tell the bird at the display home to pick the colours for you lol. Can't see you picking colours (you can borrow Georgie if you really want rofl).

    I’m getting my front landscaping and driveway done professionally but the backyard will probably be dirt and fake grass until I sell the joint. How much did you allow for your landscaping?

    And congrats on becoming a "kind of uncle". We will have a drink over it very soon. Knox Club??

    Take care.

  3. lol thanks for offering my services james!! but yes mikey i would be happy to help if u need it and im sure millie would too!! whens ur appointment?

  4. Chieftons and Chieflettes,

    Thanks for the replies. Firstly, let's kick the reply off with a bit of direction:

    Georgie: Appreciate the offering of services (that doesn't sound too good); however, I have already asked my sister to provide assistance on colour choice etc.. That being said, I expect the colour selection(s) to occur around a time when she's overseas, so you and Milli are second in line. (Don't feel rejected, James still loves you).

    Jimmy: Man, those 2 minute Macaroni's are disgusting, you gotta hit up the ALDI Noodles man, they're like 40cents, followed by a can of their "Cola" at like 30cents. It's a 70 cent lunch, Jesus himself couldn't do better.

    My driveway is included, so I don't have to about that, but landscaping I'm going to do myself, because I refuse to pay a cent for somoene to dig holes. I hope your professional landscaper isn't that kid Georgie's sister is "friends" with. Never met him but I'm sure he couldn't landscape a kids playground with tanbark.

    From when I first calculated landscaping, it was around $15,000. However, I can do it much much cheaper by going to Display Homes at midnight and stealing their water features. I plan to steal sand from the beach, and concrete mix from the neighbours' build sites. Joking aside, I'm not entirely sure what the front landscape will cost to be honest. I'm pretty much looking for a low-maintenance front, grass with a retaining wall using leftover bricks with some black bark, and a couple of smaller plants. Something simple. If it's not against the estate regulations, I'll put up a contemporary style fence.

    Knox Club is always a good choice for a frothy!



  5. Thanks for the add :)
    cant wait to follow your journey. Hopefully it will be a breeze.
    The Browns