Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Burbank The Edge Studio

Two updates in one month!

Yup, took an hour off work today and went out to Burbank's "The Edge" studio.

I saw more bricks in the place, then you would need to build my house! The lady went through all the possible upgrades for me, benchtops, tiles, carpet, bricks, roof tiles, guttering, door framing (not sure on the correct term, it sounded like a french word), doors, garage, driveways, electrical etc....

Now I haven't actually selected anything, this comes at a later date where the lady said it will probably take 8 hours to select all the colours and shit. I don't know about you, but if it takes 8 hours to do it, I ain't going. I'll let the wonderful lady choose everything with a defined budget!

Here's what got me though, before walking in there I thought "why am I doing this? I don't need upgrades". Then when I saw the selection, ugh, I'm going to be even more in debt than I originally thought.

Things I've already decided I'll upgrade:
* Bricks
* Toilet
* Carpet
* Tiles

However, this will probably change when I find out the /actual/ cost of upgrading the above mentioned items.

Reasons for brick upgrade:
* no reason

Reasons for Toilet:
* the standard toilet looks a little flimsy, I'm a heavy unit - this is justifed!

Reasons for Carpet:
* look, again, I'm a big unit, I drag my feet, gonna wear it out pretty quick with the standard spec

Reasons for Tiles:
* not sure really, I prefer the bigger tiles rather than the small spec, but eh, not entirely necessary.

Standard inclusions I like:
* Oven (if it holds spuds, I'm good to go)
* Rangehood (a wha?)
* Stove (I can't cook)
* Vanity (meh)
* Kitchen sink (it's a sink)
* Laundry sink and taps (I really don't quite understand why anyone would bother with upgrading this)
* Door Handles (The only time I'll ever look at these is the second before I put my hand over it to open it - another pointless upgrade if you ask me)
* Doors - It'a a piece of wood.

If you guys think I should be a little more serious about this, please say so! But I can't see how the above can affect resale value.

Anyways, give me your opinions! :-) I'm very open-minded *cough*




  1. Mate..

    So many different bricks but even if you choose to upgrade it won't increase the value of your house one bit (well unless you build it out of cocaine bricks) lol.

    But the interior showrooms are screaming with added extras. I had to hold Georgie back from most of them cause this is where they make some gross profit rofl.

    Toilet. Defiantly upgrade if your not comfortable reading the paper on it. We got a great included selection on the ensuite one but the spare is nothing fancy.

    The carpet... We are happy with the carpet. I’m just going to spill crap on it anyhow. But we are upgrading to CAT 3 underlay. Cost about 1k but well worth it.

    All in all don’t get sucked in too much by there shiny show room crap rofl!. Visit the place a couple of times to get the feel for it before making selection.

    Ill updates my blog soon chief.

    Take Care.

  2. I won't get sucked in, don't worry about that. Bricks I'll only be upgrading if the colour choice isn't there, as a price increased occurred due to one of the chemicals inside a beige coloured brick.

    Tiolet, I'll be upgrading regardless, I ain't sitting on plastic. I think she mentioned the upgrade for that was about $200.00, so meh.

    Carpet upgrade was pretty cheap too, only a couple hundred extra.

    All in all, my extras will remain under $1000.00

  3. If anyone is sucked in I think it may be me...however we have been looking at buying a house thats complete just in need of restoration.

    We just need to decide on area and whether we want unit or not.

    But all sounds good and you both are making me want to buy and build my own home!! hehe

    See you all at Knox Club

  4. I'm one of those dicks that upgraded the laundry taps and sink!! lol But with good reason....

    Is a laundry sink plastic?? If so upgrade it to the stainless steel. We play around with motorbikes and cars.... cleaning grease and shit off the plastic is a pain in the ass! Steel is a shit load easier to clean.