Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Alright ladies,

Every one knows that I love a good BBQ, so it's critical that the perfect BBQ is purchased for the house. Now, there's only really 2 or 3 important things to purchase when buying a house, these are:
* Pool Table
* TV

Anything else is luxury (eg: a bed).

Since the Pool Table has already been covered on this blog, I figured it's time to post a blog about the research of BBQs that I have recently done. Now, I'm hardly a chef, hell I can barely microwave frozen meals, but I shine on the BBQ. Except for the time I decided to light the BBQ after leaving the gas on for 10 minutes - they dont call me big red no reason!


I'm lucky enough to have been brought up in a family that has 2 large rotisseries, and yup, I'm stealing the old man's one. Now this rotisserie can rotate an entire cow if it had to, she's a beast. So I'm pretty much sorted in the 'roast' department.

Now, using a rotisserie for a just a small roast lamb is excessively over the top, so I'm thinking, I need a coal Weber! This will sort out butterflied roasts perfectly for 1-4 people.

So far in this post, I have covered the following:
* Large dinners
* Close friends, family dinner

However, I haven't touched the surface of just a standard 6 burner BBQ. This is where the choice selection becomes difficult. I love a big BBQ, but I want my BBQ to look like it gets used.

Firstly, we must rule out these rediculously lame ass "Modular BBQs", the ones that can have add-ons attached to it (such addons include: fridge, sink, corner bends). I mean really, if you need your BBQ to go around a corner and have a sink on it, you're just a poof.

Half the fun in a BBQ, comes down to preparing the meats in the little space that you have, why would you ruin that fun with a 20m BBQ that has a kitchen bench attached to it, stupid shit. Those type of BBQs have little rotisseries in them too, which would hold a whopping 1kg of lamb before the pole snaps in half, like I said, stupid shit. Below are some pictures of the BBQs which should be banned from Australia:

They're no good these BBQs, no good at all.

I'm thinking something along the lines of:

The only problem with the above picture, is it's a 4 burner. I can't seem to find any in the style of a 6 burner. Further research will be conducted, but I'm a tad on the tired side at the moment.

Please give me your negative thoughts on Modular BBQs / Kitchen-spec BBQs in the comments section!


Big Red!


  1. Love your work chief. And yeah you are very correct with the modular BBQ's. Made for a modern day outdoor housewife and there are two things wrong with that.

    A) women should not be allowed near a BBQ
    B) women should not be allowed outside.


    Georgie and I went to Bunnings at 8.55 this evening and checked out a 6 burner hooded bbq. $600. Bargin. Except it probably wouldnt fit in her car rofl..

    Take care chief

  2. Posted a pic of it on my blog BTW.