Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Concept


Before I continue with the blog-post, it's important that I first inform you of how fucking rediculous my week has been.

- Monday: Worked from 8:30am - 3:00am (18.5 hours)

- Tuesday: Worked from 9:00am - 2:00am (17 hours)
- Wednesday: Worked from 9:00am - 11:00pm (14 hours)
- Thursday: Worked from 10:00am - 9:00pm (11 hours)
- Friday: Worked for 4 hours
- Saturday: Worked for 4 hours

That's a 70 hour week people, but you know what, I still find time to spend 3hrs writing a blog entry for you guys. That is dedication, FIGJAM.

Anyways, let's move on to purpose of this post. I've been thinking to myself over the last month or so, how I'm going to utilise the space I have, to reflect my personality, hobbies and all that shit. Now I think it's fair to say that you all know I love a frothy, love a piece of steak, and there's no doubting my love for cue sports.

So, after a long week worth of work, I thought it's time to crack open the cold hard Victoria Bitters and start moving some ideas to paper/Google Sketchup!

Below is a picture of how the house will look with internal/external furnishings. Please note that Landscaping for both front and backyard areas is still be worked on.

Mentionable Items:
* The Garage - Holden Commodore, Bar, TV (This is for when sport is on and have friends around)

* Brew Shed - This is where Big Red Beer is brewed. This beer is served on-tap at The Garage, and the Alfresco Bar.

* The Alfresco - The Alfresco area is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The key mentionable at The Alfresco is the 'Alfresco Bar'. It has Big Red Beer (BRB) on-tap, and also cooking equipment (Spit, Coal Weber, and 6 Burner BBQ).
* Hangover Recovery Center (HRC) - The HRC is actually just another Bedroom, but for my Guest(s). It's adjacent to the Urine Depot in case the guest(s) feel a little bit worse for wear in the middle of the night! That's thinking at it's finest.
* The Wing-Chun Room (WCR) - The WCR is where Big Red pretends to know how to fight in the Wing-Chun art form. It will house gym equipment, Wing-Chun wooden dummy and other sports fighting equipment. Please note that this room will never actually be used.

I have also been working on Food Menu's for both Alfresco Bar and The Garage bar. These can be seen at the following link:

Went shopping today also, picked up a few extra goodies, including:
* Ladle
* Covered Spoon
* Wooden Spoons
* Tongs
* 30cm Fry Pan
* 4 Bourbon Glasses (They have a proper name)
* 3 Stubby Holders (Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee, Scarface)
* Jack Daniels Bar Runner

I'll take some pictures of the interesting stuff another day, but you all know what a spoon, ladle and a frypan looks like.

Anyways, give me your thoughts on whatever.


Big Red


  1. Lol you have more bars than most pubs BUT will i still get my vodka with pulp free oj within 2 minutes lol

    Looking good mikey especially the never to be used wing chun room lol

    I'm very impressed with the menus but you need to add some basic stuff and there doesnt seem to be food that requires all your bbqs!! lol and you can get fucked expecting me to pay for it hahahaha

    Your doing well with your shopping too =) I've kinda run out of things to buy now hahaha

  2. Georgie,

    Yeah, I've run out of shit to purchase as well so I'm just buying stacks of Bar Runners and Stubby Holders.

    The menu is awesome Georgie, it's not my fault that you don't like good food! :-)

    Vodka with Pulp-Free is there for you, I look after my guests!


  3. Fantastic Menu mate. Missing the skippy though.

    The garage is a great idea. True Pak style! Big Reds Brew sounds like piss.. but it has to be quality piss for you lol.

    Lookin good chief!

  4. Mate, as long as it's better than XXXX, it'll be fine.

  5. Big Red,

    Only thing I can comment on is maybe adding a Wipeout Australia style course between the rear bar and the garage bar.Will make for some funny viewing. Otherwise pure genius.

  6. Hahaha, that's a killer idea!

  7. I can't download the Bar Menu!! noooooo
    I love the brew area. My Dad is building a similar area in his shed for his Ginger Beer.